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The 9 RAR Association SA has a long history of philanthropy.  I have always considered the organization an ESO with a strong focus on issues that impact very positively on our community values.

As an example, I recall a visit to South Australia by five Turkish veterans in about 2005 which was organized and funded by the 9 RAR Association. The visit was to mark Anzac Day in South Australia, a day of great significance to the military and the community in both countries.  It also highlighted the respect and relationship forged on Gallipoli in 1915 as enemies and reinforced as allies in Korea in the Korean War. As a great conclusion to the experience, the five veterans were taken to Canberra to meet the then Governor-General, Major General the Honourable Michael Jeffery, AC, AO (Mil), CVO, MC.

Additionally, the Association sponsored the creation of a Turkish Australian Cultural Study unit at the Canakkale University.  And if that was not enough, a dual text booklet named “The Victory of Friendship” was distributed to school children in Turkey and Australia. Approximately 200,000 copies were distributed.

So it did not surprise me when at a recent 9 RAR SA Incorporated quarterly meeting, the membership voted to provide financial support Trojan’s Trek.

As reported to me:

“We chose this enterprise because of the credibility and success in outcomes and high level of probity which has been demonstrated within this group.  Two of our members have been past participants, and one member in particular, strongly endorsed Trojan’s Trek and the positive outcomes from attendance at a Trek.  The funds will enable Moose Dunlop and his team to conduct ongoing and required training for the leaders who are on hand at each Trek to counsel and support the participants.”

This is a very generous donation that will fund our annual on-going staff selection and training programs thus ensuring the maintenance of our benchmark outcomes.

Moose Dunlop OAM

Operations Director