Supacat speaks

For the past two years, the Foundation has been receiving support from an International Company named Supacat, who is the world’s leading specialist in high mobility defence vehicles. As part of this support, the Managing Director offered two of his staff to assist with the running of the 2019 trek in SA. The offer was accepted by Moose and duly came to pass in September. Following the Trek, both members wrote a short brief about their experience.

I am pleased to report that the experience was most beneficial for both the Foundation and the members. Their commentary is below and speaks for itself. In short, the staff and I would be happy to have them back at any time.

Moose Dunlop OAM
Operations Director

Hi Sarina,
Going into the Trek I didn’t really know what to expect. Antony and I were driving 10 hours out of Melbourne to the middle of nowhere, to spend a week with people we had never met and participate in a program we knew very little about. But from the minute we arrived, we were welcomed with open arms and immediately made to feel like part of the family. The trek philosophy is really quite simple, it’s veterans helping other veterans, they do this by providing the participants new approaches to life, telling personal stories, asking questions and genuinely caring about what these people are going through. There is no psychologist, there are no professionals, there is no one analyzing each individual, they are just blokes helping out blokes. After spending a week helping in the kitchen, providing an extra set of hands and taking part where possible I couldn’t agree with Antony more that this is probably the most worthwhile organization for helping veterans and first responders and I feel proud to have been part of it.
The staff themselves where some seriously good people, with big hearts who have all been through their own life struggles and through the support of Trojan’s Trek have been able to move forward with life and are now giving back and helping others in similar situations to themselves. Additionally, a select few of the staff were absolutely hilarious, in their own special way.
This program is absolutely sensational!
Mackenzie Brown | Mechanical Engineer

Volunteering on the Trojans Trek at the Flinders Ranges was quite simply an amazing experience. I had no idea what to expect and of course, there was a bit of nervousness there.
Once we were there Mack and I volunteered to help out with everything, from kitchen hands — early starts and late finishes, repairing leaks from broken water pipes on the farm, participating in group discussions, providing advice to participants on a one on one capacity, driving the vehicles to what seemed like being a participant at times. I think we did it all.
The conversations with the participants and facilitators over the week were both funny and serious. At times I felt like I had never laughed so much or on the verge of crying from hearing some of the participants’ stories. The facilitators do an amazing job, using their past experiences to deliver messages and advice to the participants giving those ideas and tools to use in their own lives.
Being able to witness the change in the participants from arrival to departure needs to be seen. Some of these guys have never slept more than 4 hours a night and hearing that they have slept 10 hours whilst on the trek was amazing to witness. Even though I was there as a volunteer I know I personally benefited from the learnings and advice that was given. Having been touched by mental health issues in my circle I truly feel this is one of the best programs around and Supacat is definitely supporting the right charity.
If the opportunity arises again to be able to support Trojans Trek I’m in without a question and I encourage others to do the same.
Antony Buysen — Technical Advisor

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Treks always involve a lot of organisation and preparation.  As one can understand, to take a group of sometimes brittle, 35 to 40 individuals away to the North Flinders Ranges from Saturday to Friday and cater for every conceivable issue is a big ask.  This is in addition to delivering a very structured daily program.  And when the nearest reasonably stocked shop, butcher, chemist, etc is more than one and a half hours away, it is important to arrive carrying everything to face the myriad of issues which may and do arise. 

Simple subjects like dietary restrictions, allergies, physical handicaps, equipment and so on, must be known and be 100% correct.  To do this a number of the staff commence ticking off lists 5 to 6 weeks before the start date. Much of the tasking falls to the chefs and the medic along with other specialists in the team.  This early checking process also has the advantage of benefitting from advertised specials’ which in some cases can save up to 50% on single items. 

The staff of Supacat Melbourne are aware of the mammoth responsibilities of this process and decided to help by collecting a long list of 104 non-perishables which they will send over to the trek with two of their own staff who will work on the trek as general hands. 

They also became aware that the camp chairs which are used during the treks were getting old and some were in poor condition.  To assist they collected money and forwarded $350 in Bunning’s Gift Cards to purchase 6 new strong camp chairs. So there is a very practical example of hands-on support from an unexpected quarter which will save costs and effort. 

Our thanks go to them for their help.      

Moose Dunlop OAM Operations Director



As previously reported, Supacat, an international player in the defence industry, has selected the Trojan’s Trek Foundation as the organisation which will be supported by them during 2019. 

As a follow-on from Moose’s visit to Sydney to attend and speak to their annual dinner in 2018, Mick Halloran, the Managing Director requested that his Melbourne based staff were also acquainted with the philosophy and operations of the foundation. As a result, Moose visited the company’s base in Victoria on 8 Feb to carry out that task. 

Mick when opening the session outlined the reasons why he had selected the Foundation above many other worthy calls. To summarise his words, he was informed of our existence during a function in Canberra by a person who was aware and felt strongly about the excellent outcomes which were being achieved. Mick also spoke at length about the significance of the independent evaluation protocols which the foundation rigorously follows. 

Approximately 30 staff attended the briefing, a good number of whom were ex-military prompting some very good questions and observations. Moose reported that the range of work which he observed ranged from hi-tech
R & D to the development of, and improvements to a range of transport methods used by the military. 

From the photograph, it is also apparent that the role of youth in the engineering processes is present.

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Supacat is a successful UK based company which now operates in the defence industry field in Australia. Supacat is committed to partnering with Australian industry and is delivering development, production and support programs with Australian partners under the Supacat Team Australia banner. Therefore it was not a huge step for the Australian Managing Director to seek ways in which the company could become involved with innovative Australian initiatives related to the military.

Hence the potential for a relationship with the Trojan’s Trek Foundation was formed. To cement the relationship the Chairman, Moose Dunlop OAM travelled to Sydney to address the company annual dinner on 24 October. As a consequence, Supacat has offered to assist the foundation in their continuing role of rebuilding the psychological health of our damaged veterans.