In life, one occasionally comes across a person who fits this category.

It is a difficult specification to meet because at no stage is this behaviour about ego or some self-driven wish to be acknowledged by others. I am sure we have seen that in life; it is cringeworthy to observe.

The fellow I have selected who meets all the specs to be called a Good Samaritan I feel strongly about.

That is because, despite his continuation of giving and putting in, nobody recognises his efforts, an aspect I know he is not seeking.

As a youngster, he worked hard at several schools necessitated by family moves. His mum passed in 1954, a great family loss. In 1956 he became a keen boy scout at Bankstown in Sydney, an experience that would drive his involvement into the future.

His then job in a printing factory was paused by his call up for national service in the first intake in 1965. He completed recruit and corps training before being posted to 5 RAR at Holsworthy, which included a  combat tour in SVN in 1966-67.

Fulfilling his NS responsibility, he was discharged, returning to the printing industry and scouting. His scouting history reads like a story of great achievements. During his time, he was awarded the Baden Powell Award, indicating his commitment and skills.

He was married in 1983. From there his life was dedicated to gaining better paid jobs in his chosen industry. He did this by qualifying with higher educational standards, which permitted him to enrol at Sydney University, where he gained a Batchelor’s Degree in 1983.

In 1990 he was elected to the 5 RAR Association Committee, where he still serves, producing almost all the memorabilia for battalions and other associations occasions at no cost.

Cut back to 1988 when he started his own printing business named Rebel Graphics backed by a few bob and relevant experience.

It worked, ending with his own printing factory in 1989 and a growing portfolio of big clients, including Lexus and Toyota. These companies were so impressed with Rebel Graphics that he was awarded two Toyota Presidents Awards and a Local Supplier Award in 1999 and 2007.

In the meantime, he had joined Rotary International Sutherland where he offered his services to print all the club’s printing needs. He was voted in as President in 1997 and was invested as a Paul Harris Fellow in 2000.

It is here that I identify this person as Brian (Buddy) Budden, a great supporter of the Trojan’s Trek Foundation where he has donated all our decals for the past 6 years.

In addition, he has provided significant financial support to permit the program to continue our valuable work.

Thank God for the Good Samaritan!