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On 8 February a good number of facilitators and mentors along with POC and other interested parties gathered at Mates for Mates (M4M)in Brisbane for the annual staff familiarization day.

The day was put together by the QLD Chapter with welcome support from M4M.  Good representation from places far and wide ensured a couple of lively discussions.

The objective was to ensure that the philosophy and content used on treks were understood by all staff. Briefings on the foundation organisation and individual responsibilities were provided with a strong slant toward position descriptions for the trek staff. The occasion also provided the opportunity for the staff to meet their counterparts from other areas.

Trojans Trek is pleased to announce a new partnership in QLD with Hand Heart Pocket (HHP).

HHP is the charity arm of the Freemasons in QLD which for centuries have used the symbols of hand heart and pocket to pledge practical help, genuine empathy and financial generosity to those who need it most. One of the areas of focus for the charity is on initiatives which promote and support positive physical and mental health for men; a target which coincides with the work of the Trojans Trek Foundation.

RSL Logo_[P]In the spirit of their legacy, RSL Care both in QLD and SA continue to promote wellbeing for our fellow Australians and veterans.

In August 2015, RSL Care will proudly sponsor Trojan’s Trek in its premier Queensland event.

RSL Care’s legacy with the veteran community is long and rich. They have provided services to veterans for over 75 years, opening their first veterans’ hostel in 1938. As they have grown and developed over the years to welcome all Australians who need their services, RSL Care have maintained their commitment to working with the ex-Service community.

For more information about RSL Care, visit www.rslcare.com.au