Royalties of John Schumann’s great new song, On Every Anzac Day, go to helping troubled veterans.

John Schumann donated the artists’ royalties of I Was Only 19 to the VVAA’s Agent Orange Royal Commission fund. It was a most generous act. Now he’s doing it again for the younger diggers.

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This time he’s donating the royalties from On Every Anzac Day to Trojan’s Trek, a wilderness-based program for veterans suffering from PTSD. (John Schumann is a member of the Board). The song is featured on the CD album, Behind the Lines, John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew (expanded edition).

You can buy the CD at a music store, or you can download the full CD or just the song from iTunes.

On Every Anzac Day
On Every Anzac Day (Radio Edit)
Behind the Lines – Album

Snail mail: you can buy the single of the song (CDEP) for round $8 plus postage from the music store, Songland Records in Canberra: Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.45.57 pm

Trojan’s Trek is a program which was first run in the North Flinders Ranges of SA in the late 1990s to assist troubled Vietnam veterans return to a normal life. Participants figuratively undertake a journey, which facilitates new ways of viewing themselves, their colleagues and partners in a remote location while investigating ways to facilitate change. Some of the past trekkers have denoted this as a stocktake of life, feelings and behaviour.’ The program is live-in, is highly individually focused and delivered by staff that have the necessary accreditation. More importantly they are also warriors’ who have experienced and overcome the same frustrations as those attending. Trojan’s Trek provides the setting and conditions under which participants will experience a lasting positive shift in values and interpersonal relationships. â–„