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The year 2020 will go down in the annals of many not for profits as a dog of a year.  Not only was the impact of COVID 19 extremely significant in curtailing activity but add to that the dreadful fires in the eastern states and SA and one sees a fund-raising bottom line which is not impressive.  The community response to the fires was nothing short of exceptional both before and after the COVID impact and most deserving.  However, predictably other fund-raising efforts were made more difficult due to donor fatigue and other more pressing needs.

Because of social distancing Trojan’s Trek could not conduct the annual Charity Walk fundraiser in SA, instead, organised by Reuben Vanderzalm, a virtual walk was held during October.  It was successful but fell short of our usual target.  A dedicated group of AEP gym attendees encouraged by Caelum decided to make the effort to wring out a little more by running a special gym session.  Eight gathered early on 30 October (Veterans’ Health Week) at the Daws Road gym for a dedicated workout to aid the cause raising $555.  The oldest Charity Walk T-shirt competition was won by Brian with a 2013 model. My sincere thanks go to the group for their dedicated welcome support.

Moose Dunlop OAM

Operations Director


Although the states are moving slowly back to approaching normality, some of the remaining restrictions will have an impact on the operations of the Foundation.

The two major hurdles which must be removed before treks can be conducted are border closure and social distancing. If these remain in place it will prohibit interstate travel for staff and participants and the distancing restrictions will make compliance during bus and 4WD travel impossible.

In addition, isolation periods required for inter-state travel create another hurdle.

To gain information that provides a guestimate of when these limitations may be lifted is extremely difficult as the situation may change rapidly with a spike in numbers which could affect other states and locations.

As a rough guide to current predictions note the following announcements;

  • The Brisbane Ecca planned for August has been cancelled.
  • The Royal Adelaide Show, which was scheduled for early September, has been cancelled.

So, I am not hopeful that it will be permissible to conduct treks in 2020 in QLD or SA.

Whether or not it is worth considering running extra treks is yet to be discussed. It will force an examination of subsequent times when conditions, both COVID and weather-related, are respectively diminishing and suitable.  These aspects will be monitored continuously. The Townsville trek is on hold until further notice.

At least five weeks’ notice will be given for each decision.



Moose Dunlop  OAM
Operations Director
29 May 2020