SA Treks 2023

17 – 22nd September 2023  

Next trek:
17th to 22nd September 2023 

Alpana Station in the North Flinders Ranges

For information, nomination, and completion of the admin required before arrival please contact:

POC SA: Paul Wilton
Mobile 0435 780 237

Cess Glasspool
Trek Commander
Mobile 0488 448 178

Please note: You will be required to gain a doctor’s clearance to attend.
If you are interested in attending you need to look at the following forms.

Personal and medical information  (Will download as a Word file)

General Instructions (Will download as a Word file)



  1. A Trojan’s Trek will be conducted on Alpana station in the North Flinders Ranges, from 17 to 22 Sep 2023. The trek is the start of a new journey of awareness through life; it is not a long walk in the bush.  The target group is military veterans and first responders who have been impacted by their service.  Vacancies are limited so early indication is recommended.  Attendance is free ex-Adelaide.
  2. A trek base will be established at Alpana Station shearers’ quarters from which the trekkers will be supplied and supported. The course is conducted in a remote environment and will present new ways of overcoming life’s challenges.  Three nights will be spent in the bush in relatively rough conditions sleeping in swags.


  1. The aim of Trojan’s Trek is to provide the setting and conditions under which participants will experience a lasting positive shift in personal values and interpersonal relationships.


4. The objectives of the trek are to develop in the participants through joint and individual challenge:

    • an understanding of how thoughts and feelings influence behaviour,
    • exposure to various strategies which will bring about positive change,
    • suggested individual responses which are effective in achieving that objective,
    • build a peer support group from those attending, and
    • enhance self-esteem.


5. The trek participants will be taken on a journey, both literally and figuratively to explore issues which affect their lives.  Group dynamics will be utilised by sharing and discussing issues at team and individual levels. The website provides anecdotal and other information which explains the trek philosophy.

6. The area in which the trek will be conducted is out of mobile phone range.  The nearest town is Blinman which has limited facilities and is approximately 15 minutes’ drive away.  Participants are to ensure enough personal items are carried to last the duration of the trek.


7. The Commander, Cess Glasspool has overall responsibility for the conduct of the trek. Staff attending are or will be nominated.

Attendance Requirements

8. Those attending from states other than SA must comply with cross-border travel requirements if reintroduced.

9. Those wishing to attend are required to complete the Annex A to this document as soon as possible but no later than 1 Sep. Participants should note this Annex includes other relevant information which is required during the trek.  It is important that the details of next of kin and personal contact details are accurately recorded.  If experiencing financial difficulties, nominees should contact the point of contact (POC) Paul, soon as possible.  The course is not physically demanding; however, a basic standard of fitness is required.  NOTE. A clearance from a GP is required, refer Annex A.

10. The requirements regarding COVID restrictions are undergoing regular review by the relevant authorities. Trojans Trek will ensure it meets the responsibilities of those guidelines.  At the time of compiling this instruction, all staff and participants are required to comply with the following:

    • undertake a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) four days before deployment date. Staff on 12 Sep, participants on 13 Sep, and the results and photo advised by email to  and ONLY if the test is negative is the member to continue to plan on attending.
    • undertake a second RAT test on the day of departure for the bush, and
    • ONLY if the second test is negative is the member to attend.

Further information related to current heath restrictions will be provided closer to the start date.

11. Trojans Trek will advise updates.

12. Participants are selected on the basis that:

  • they will benefit from the program,
  • a clearance from their GP is received, and
  • each has volunteered to attend, and has submitted Annex A.

Movement, Accommodation, and Deployment

13. Participants requiring accommodation will be met on arrival and accommodated at Keswick Barracks.  Arrival details must be advised to the POC before travel.

14. Other travel requirements are as follows:

a) Out of town Staff.  Out-of-town staff should aim to arrive on Friday 15 Sep by 1200 hrs.  Note some may be required to draw hire vehicles.  Accommodation is available at Keswick Barracks. Advise the POC of arrival details and requirements.

b) Out of town Participants. Participants other than Adelaide-based should arrive on Sat 16 Sep.   Accommodation is available at Keswick Barracks. Advise the POC of arrival details and requirements.  Vehicle parking is available.

c) Local Participants. Local participants are to report to Keswick Barracks on Sunday 17 Sep by 0745 hrs to catch the bus.  Participants accommodated under own arrangements or locally are requested to arrange their transport to the departure point at Keswick Barracks.  Note: Personal vehicles may be left at the barracks for the trek duration but no responsibility for their safety is accepted by Trojan’s Trek.

15. Movement to Alpana will be as follows:

a) Field and Support Staff.  Sat 16 Sep.  Under the control of the Commander and in accord with instructions issued separately, this group will depart Adelaide at 0800 hrs in 4WD vehicles.

b) Participants. Sun 17 Sep. Participants will depart from Keswick Barracks at 0800 hrs by bus.  Further information will be issued when numbers are confirmed.

c) Contact number bus driver Wally, 0408 891 457 or Geoff 0422 005 0900

16. The driving time from Adelaide to Alpana is approximately six and a half hours.  Once the participants have arrived at Alpana it will be difficult for individual participants to return to Adelaide earlier than Friday 22 Sep.

17. Drivers of vehicles going bush are to ensure that spare tyres, wheel brace and the like are present and serviceable before departure.  This includes the trailers.  Separate instructions will be issued to drivers.

18. All roads in the trek area are unsealed. Due care must be exercised by all drivers and supervising staff.  Normal speed limits apply, and particular care must be exercised when driving off roads.  Further instructions concerning driving standards will be issued prior to departure and after arrival at Alpana.

Dress and Equipment

19. All participants are to bring the following items packed in a duffle bag or similar:

  • personal toilet items
  • camera
  • towel
  • sleeping bag and nightwear
  • swag (swags are available from Trojan’s Trek if required, refer to Annex A for indication of requirement)
  • insect repellent and/or fly net
  • comfortable sturdy boots suitable for the bush
  • good quality socks
  • long-sleeved shirt and long trousers for bush wear
  • waterproof jacket, warm jacket, or pullover for nightwear
  • compass, GPS, binoculars (if available not mandatory)
  • matches/source of fire
  • torch
  • cash as required and driver’s licence
  • water bottle and brew mug
  • prescription medicines
  • a wide-brimmed hat, and
  • pen or pencil

20. Day temperatures are expected to be in the mid to low 20s with evening temperatures dropping to below 10 degrees. Rain is unlikely, but the carriage of some form of wet weather gear is advisable.

Stores and Equipment

21. Rations, stores, and equipment will be carried to Alpana with the advance party and staff in the 4 WD vehicles.


22. A medic will be present for the duration of the trek.  Participants are requested to carry their own personal medication.  The nearest hospital is located at Hawker approximately one hour and thirty minutes away.

Rations and Quarters

23. Rations will be provided for the duration of the trek.  Stops en-route to and from Alpana will allow the purchase of snacks at personal expense.  Participants will spend at least three nights in the bush in a swag.   Any special dietary requirements should be indicated at Annex A.

24. Alcohol and drugs (other than prescription) are NOT to be taken to or consumed during the trek.

Use of Private Property

25. The trek will be conducted on private property. All participants are reminded of the common courtesies demanded in the bush.  They are:

  • gates are to be left as found
  • remove all litter
  • do not cut vegetation
  • respect flora, fauna, and stock, and
  • extinguish unattended fires.

Fuel and Repairs

26. Fuel and repairs including repair of punctures are available from the Angorichina Village on a debit card held by the Commander or the Camp Commandant.

Post Trek De-briefing

27. A post-trek de-briefing for staff and participants will be held on the last night of the trek at Alpana shearers’ quarters.


28. Communication to and from Alpana shearers’ quarters is by landline telephone.  The number is listed below.  This is to be used for incoming calls in an emergency only.  Mobile phones do not operate in the trek area.  Channel 3 CB through the local repeater station may be utilized for communications when in the bush or by simplex channels on CB radio.

Contact Numbers

29. The contact details are listed below:

  • Commander Cess Glasspool 0488 448 178
  • Phil Quin 0456 650 576
  • Paul Wilton POC 0435 780 237
  • Alpana Homestead; Sally 86484626
  • Leigh Creek Police 86752004  or 131444 for police assistance.
  • Hawker Hospital 84684007
  • Angorichina Village 86484842
  • RFDS Pt Augusta 86422044  24-hour medical advice.


30. A media release will be issued prior to the commencement of the trek. Enquiries will be handled in the first instance by the Operations Director Moose Dunlop OAM.

Public Liability

31. The Trek is covered by the Trojan’s Trek public liability policy

Post-Trek report

32. The report on Trojan’s Trek 200 will be available by 20 Oct 2023.


33. All participants will return to Keswick Barracks Café on Friday, 22 Sep, at approximately 1530 hrs. Post-trek nibbles and drinks will be available. Partners are encouraged to attend.  Members will be free to depart from that location to link with transport.  Interstate members should aim to depart from the airport that evening, but not before 1800 hrs. Those unable to connect with transport on Friday will be accommodated at Keswick Barracks. Please advise POC Paul if accommodation is required.

34. Visitors intending to visit the project are requested to seek approval from the Trek Commander on 0488 448 178
prior to Friday, 8 Sep 23.


35. Trekkers are encouraged to attend the trek with an open mind.  The opportunity to meet and share experiences with others in a similar position is unique. For a small time investment, trekkers have the opportunity to make a fresh start in life and enhance relationships.

Cess Glasspool
Trek Commander
2 Jan 2023

Distribution List:
Board Members
Graham Parks
Alpana Station

For Information:
Veterans SA
SA Police Association
SA Ambulance Employees Association
CFS Volunteer Associaton
Nicoli Ackland CFS

Annex A.
Personal and Medical Information


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