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In life, one occasionally comes across a person who fits this category. It is a difficult specification to meet because at no stage is this behaviour about ego or some self-driven wish to be acknowledged by others. I am sure we have seen that in life; it is cringeworthy to observe. The fellow I have […]

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the walk will not proceed in 2023. Thank you for your support over the last 12 years.

RSL Queensland is constantly seeking ways to support the veteran community, including those suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  In its capacity it provides support programs and financial assistance aided by the many branches and support organisations. One such program of the Forest Lake & Districts RSL Sub-branch is the Assistance Dog Program to benefit […]

The Foundation agreed to a request from RCS to speak to their Executive about Trojan’s Trek, our history, philosophy, and raison d’etre. The aim of RCS is to further the efficiency of Australian agriculture and farming. RCS partners with passionate Australian producers to transform their farm management practices to be more sustainable, profitable and achieve […]

 On 17 May, at the suggestion of our Foundation Secretary/Treasurer Margaret, the Foundation Chairman Peter Keith flew to Adelaide to address the staff. Johnston Grocke has been most supportive of the Foundation, permitting us to use their premises for meetings and the like. This saves hire fees, for which we are most appreciative. The […]

As an adjunct to the visit to speak to the staff of Johnston Grocke in Adelaide on 17 May 23, the Board Chairman Pete with Moose attended Lexus Adelaide to speak with the General Manager Wade Sander with a view to gaining the support of the CMV Foundation. The Foundation, which has operated since 1953, […]

In response to an invitation from the organiser, Robert Shaw; Moose, LT Geoff Kay and LT Jake Sparrow attended the monthly meeting. We were met by a group of 23 men and one female who were keen on hearing about the Trojan’s Trek Foundation. The meeting was organised to meet over breakfast to which we […]

  Over the course of the 18th and 19th of Feb 2023, the Trojans Trek Board gathered in Adelaide to set our course for the next three years. The meeting was attended by all current Board members and a visit from our Clinical Advisory Group (comprised of Andrew Badenoch and Geoff Roe-Phillips) and our SA […]

  Since 1917 the Commonwealth Bank employees have nominated organisations they were passionate about to receive a grant. $2m is awarded each year via $10,000 grants to a broad range of community organisations across Australia. Trojans Trek was nominated for an award by Matt Wohling, a bank employee who is aware of the Foundation’s work as […]

  After a promising start with over 200 registrations and numerous sponsors, the 2022 Trojan’s Trek Charity Walk looked set to break records! The predicted bad weather (including thunderstorms and lightning) kept a few away. However, Mother Nature was kind and kept her rain clouds full until after the event had finished. Belinda McKeown, a […]