On 17 May, at the suggestion of our Foundation Secretary/Treasurer Margaret, the Foundation Chairman Peter Keith flew to Adelaide to address the staff.

Johnston Grocke has been most supportive of the Foundation, permitting us to use their premises for meetings and the like. This saves hire fees, for which we are most appreciative.

The visit was also utilised to speak with the General Manager of Lexus Adelaide the next day.

Approximately 18 staff members attended the 40-minute presentation, which was accompanied by a short visual of bush activities and a powerful personal reflection by Paul Wilton.

The questions from the floor were insightful showing genuine interest in the program.

It is hoped that the address will result in further support in some form.

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As an adjunct to the visit to speak to the staff of Johnston Grocke in Adelaide on 17 May 23, the Board Chairman Pete with Moose attended Lexus Adelaide to speak with the General Manager Wade Sander with a view to gaining the support of the CMV Foundation.

The Foundation, which has operated since 1953, receive its funds from the Lexus staff, who have the opportunity to donate a portion of their salary towards the CMV Foundation.

These donations are matched dollar-for-dollar by the CMV Group. Wade was extremely interested in what Trojan’s Trek has achieved over the past 14 years and supported our request to the Chair of the Board.

The photo shows Moose, Pete, and Wade having completed a very educational tour of the company headquarters on West Terrace.  Here seen standing in front of a limited production 12-cylinder Lexus valued at $1.75 million.

The CMV Board will consider the application at their next meeting.

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Jake presents to a room full of engaged listeners at Men's Breakfast In response to an invitation from the organiser, Robert Shaw; Moose, LT Geoff Kay and LT Jake Sparrow attended the monthly meeting.

We were met by a group of 23 men and one female who were keen on hearing about the Trojan’s Trek Foundation.

The meeting was organised to meet over breakfast to which we were invited. And a fine breakfast was served.

It was the first time that Geoff and Jake had presented to a group such as this.

They were selected because of their personal experience with trauma while working for the CFS during the 2019 – 2020 fires on KI and their subsequent involvement with the Foundation as trek staff.

I listened to both the presentations with bated breath.

Their description of the close to death experience which they and the crew lived through on that day on 3 Jan 20 was spellbinding. As a gauge of the impact, one of the group spoke to me following the presentations.

In short, he said that the firsthand description of that event had him on the edge of his seat to the extent that he now understood how close were the deaths of the crew and one civilian that day.

He said he understood; it was so close, saved only by determination and training.

On leaving, another two of the audience sought me out to thrust folding money in my hand in appreciation.

A good day which, although not financially rewarding, provided the opportunity for the Foundation to explain the personal damage which results from trauma and told by two first responders who have lived the hell.



strategy meeting 2023

Left to right … back row – Cess, Moose, Sharon, Paul W, Paul R. Front row – Peter, Brendan. Absent.. Rob Manton.

Over the course of the 18th and 19th of Feb 2023, the Trojans Trek Board gathered in Adelaide to set our course for the next three years. The meeting was attended by all current Board members and a visit from our Clinical Advisory Group (comprised of Andrew Badenoch and Geoff Roe-Phillips) and our SA Point of Contact (Paul Wilton).

A broad range of topics was covered, including reviewing our organisational intent, roles and responsibilities. Key opportunities, risks, new service offerings, marketing and branding, and organisational consistency.

All outcomes were achieved, and the Board reported greater clarity and a sense of purpose. I wish to thank the Board and guests for their contribution, our Board secretaries, Margaret Grocke and John Grocke, for the generous use of his corporate office for the event.

Peter Keith

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Moose Dunlop receives a grant from Common

L to R Matt, Moose, Kristian, the manager and John, an employee.

Since 1917 the Commonwealth Bank employees have nominated organisations they were passionate about to receive a grant.

$2m is awarded each year via $10,000 grants to a broad range of community organisations across Australia.

Trojans Trek was nominated for an award by Matt Wohling, a bank employee who is aware of the Foundation’s work as a member of the Upper Sturt Country Fire Service, where Moose was the Captain.

The photo shows L to R Matt, Moose, Kristian, the manager, and John, an employee.

Moose extended his sincere thanks to Matt and the bank for their nomination and generosity.

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Trojan’s Trek Charity Walk 2022

After a promising start with over 200 registrations and numerous sponsors, the 2022 Trojan’s Trek Charity Walk looked set to break records!

The predicted bad weather (including thunderstorms and lightning) kept a few away. However, Mother Nature was kind and kept her rain clouds full until after the event had finished.

Belinda McKeown, a self-declared “army brat” with indigenous ties and a clear understanding of life in the Defence Force, gave an emotional and moving “Welcome to Country.” We were all touched by her words.

Our special guest and Patron, Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC, Governor of South Australia, spoke before the start and showed both a keen interest in and understanding of what Trojans Trek is all about. The results achieved and life-changing tools learned on treks impressed her greatly.

And so the Walk began!! Runners, walkers, and strollers set off along the Torrens, hoping to beat the rain – and they did.

Winners were announced, awards were presented, raffles were drawn, auction items fiercely fought over, music and coffee were enjoyed, and delicious BBQ sausages were devoured … then the heavens opened!

A fabulous morning with amazing souls who helped raise around $18,000 for Trojans Trek, about half the cost of one Trek – great effort!

Special thanks to Reuben and his team from AEP Health Group for all their hard work organising the event and to our many sponsors and supporters for braving the weather and making the 2022 Walk such a memorable success.

Look forward to seeing you all (and more) again next year …



AEP Health Group

Pioneer Water Tanks (SA)

Operation Unity

Bolton Clarke

Silver – Ascendancy ABA

Silver – Edwardstown Rotary Club

Silver – TWU SA/NT

Silver – Unitech Building

Bronze – Wealth Evolution

Bronze – Defence Health

Bronze – Advanced Promotional Products

Bronze – Unifi Technology

Bronze – Johnston Grocke Group

Bronze – Police Credit Union

$750 – DVA Grant (Veterans Health Week)

Goods – North Terrace Tyres

Goods – Maine Beach

Goods – Mark Lobert Gallery

Goods – Running Bare

Goods – Trelivings

Goods – False Cape Wines





1. This report is both my Board report for SA and the end-of-year report to the AGM. The QLD report for the year will be presented by the Chair or Brendan.

2. The year has passed with difficulties related to the issues presented by COVID. This has been further complicated by the apparent reluctance of our clients to join an unknown group of individuals for a period in the bush, an attitude which I completely understand.

3. The SA trek for 22 was scheduled to be run for the first time at the new location at Alpana station. The reasons for the relocation were outlined in my report last AGM.  To ensure that the trek was planned and re-written, a reconnaissance of the location was conducted by nine staff in April.  Following the recon, four members returned a positive result for COVID despite a negative RAT before departure.  One member from Tasmania could not travel home and was accommodated in a separate area at Keswick Barracks until clear.  This arrangement was most welcome given the alternative in a nominated Medi-motel or hotel would have been expensive.

4. In short, Alpana is satisfactory as a base. The country is not as spectacular and does not contain places like Nuccaleena, the Bushman’s Inn, or Hannigan Gap, but it offers other advantages at the base, which are a welcome offset. The facilities are superior, and power does not depend on running the noisy generator, which was the case at Moolooloo. There are other minor issues to be attended which will occur over time, making Alpana suitable. I am confident that it meets or will meet the Foundation needs.

SA Trek 18 to 23 SEP 2022
5. Eleven nominated to attend. The group included four women, an aspect which was an advantage in sharing what may be different male/female opinions.  This added another view to the discussions. The composition of the group was:

• Paramedics 3 (2 from VIC), 1 female,

• Ex-army 4, 1 female,

• CFS 2,

• SAAS volunteer 1 female, and

• Board Member 1 female.

6. Those attending included four ex-military, with the balance being first responders.  This appears to be the trend of late, with fewer military nominating.  The reason for that is not known but combined with the lack of combat deployments and the proliferation of organisations that assist veterans, it is probably the way of the future.

7. The trek was successful, and the participant evaluations which are available all indicate the group was assisted greatly in commencing their journey to recovery. It was also of interest to note that Goal Attainment Setting (GAS) was accepted as a good personal concept in supporting recovery. One member has had a setback since return, resulting in his admission to the Margaret Tobin Centre for a short stay.

8. The Foundation’s attempts to achieve some form of recognition from the Department of Veterans is a chapter filled with disappointment. Three previous notices of advice that the Foundation is not recognised as an ESO were challenged and dismissed.  However, following a recent application for a grant, the Grants Hub advised that the Foundation was not recognised as an ESO, therefore, not eligible to apply.  The reason was based on new conditions which categorically eliminated the Foundation.  The new conditions are as follows:

 Ex-service organisations (ESOs) provide day-to-day ongoing support to current and former ADF members.

 For the purposes of the VWG program, an ESO is an organisation that satisfies all of the below points:

 • has demonstrated direct links to the ex-service community.

has membership consisting primarily of veterans, past and present members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and/or their dependants.

is established primarily to provide compensation advocacy and/or wellbeing advocacy to veterans, past and present members of the ADF and/or their dependents.

does not charge any fee for acting on behalf of the veterans, past and present members of the ADF and/or their dependants in the provision of claims or well-being services.

has objectives that aim to benefit the well-being of its members.


9. My entries in red will be difficult to overcome. Contact with the Repatriation Commissioner, who understands our work, to attempt rationalisation of the decision has been to date, non-productive.  In his words, “he is snookered by the bureaucracy.”  The Foundation has the option to partner with the RAR Corporation, which I think will permit acceptance of applications.  However, this remains to be tested.

10. On 29 Nov, 2022, I will be speaking with Minister Geoff Brock, who is the state minister for Veterans, about several matters of concern, among them will be this topic. I hope to bring some up-dated news to the AGM.

NT Trek
11. This matter has not received attention over recent months because of other priorities. However, it is an issue that will be addressed in 2023.  I have reservations about the advantages of expansion at the moment because of the reluctance of DVA to support the Foundation supporting their clients.  A reconnaissance is planned for 2023 but a lot of prior work is necessary to establish whether financial support is likely from NT sources.  The position of the NT Administration related to financial support is not known.

Staff Training
12. Staff training, which prior to COVID was an annual event, has not been conducted for two years. This is disappointing but understandable. Training the staff is considered vital in maintaining the successful approach to recovering from stress illness. I can’t emphasise enough that the Foundation has developed a unique home-grown approach to recovery from the issues of mental health.  The independent evaluations confirm our success which in large part is because the delivery is by individuals who have walked the walk, not learned the theory.  They will be the target of the training weekend.

13. However, now with the relaxation of interstate movement and other restrictions, it is anticipated that staff training will be reintroduced in 2023. I addition, I have managed to gain a grant which will cover interstate movement to Adelaide for interstate members.  I anticipate that Keswick Barracks will be the location.  More on that next year.

14. Our financial situation is sound with good investments and return on our invested money. I refer readers to the Financial Report.  My thanks to John Grocke for his advice and assistance in our investments in the Australian Money Market and other funds. 

15. Finally, I extend my thanks to the staff. The field staff in QLD and SA have performed up to expectation, producing outcomes which other organizations strive to achieve over much longer periods. To my fellow board members, thanks for being part of, and directing the Foundation over the year. To the treasurer and secretary, a busy grandmother who makes the time to keep me off her back, many thanks. To our supporters, and there are many, I single out Reuben and his staff for organizing the Charity Walk which this year raised over $18,000, a great result.

16. Many of us met our new Patron, Her Excellency the Honourable Frances Adamson AC, Governor of South Australia on 30 Oct. She attended the Charity Walk and spoke to the group en-masse and several individuals on the day.  She has a good understanding of our mission and success and has expressed a desire to attend a trek in 2023.

17. In conclusion, the Foundation faces significant issues with our relationship with DVA through the Grants Hub. This matter is particularly disappointing because of the Foundation’s successful years of operation assisting DVA clients in QLD and SA.  I add, all of the Foundation outcomes have been independently evaluated, a point apparently not understood by the Department.  If this attitude is maintained our funding opportunities will be limited which in time, may affect the financial viability of the Foundation.


Moose, signature






Moose Dunlop OAM

Operations Director

25 Nov 22
















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Join us for the AGM of the Trojan’s Trek Foundation.

The AGM of the Trojan’s Trek Foundation

will be held in the

RAR Assoc SA Branch clubrooms

13 Beatty St. Linden Park SA

at 1815 hrs on Thursday 1 December 2022.


For those unable to attend in person,

the AGM will also be available via Zoom.


Please contact margaret@trojanstrek.com

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Trojan’s Trek Charity Walk Sunday October 30th, 2022

Entry is $30 per person.

Our online registration has closed because T-Shirts have been distributed. You can still come and join us by simply turning up and registering on the day.