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It is not the first time that Brian Budden, ex-5 RAR first tour 1966/67 has shown his altruistic side to the benefit of the Trojan’s Trek Foundation. But this time the donation was awarded on a day to signify a memory he wishes to commemorate.  The donation marks the day John Sweetnam 8 Pl C Coy was KIA on operations in SVN.  The envelope handed to the Foundation Chair Moose Dunlop OAM on 23 Jun carries the message.  Present on the occasion was the then Section Commander Dogs Kearney OAM, now resident in Adelaide.  Moose reported that the reminiscences between the two were entertaining and thought provoking.


The sincere thanks from the foundation were extended to Brian for his most generous gift devoted to the welfare of our successors.    

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This year we had 27 sponsors and 189 walkers register, a great result and thanks to you all for your support. However the weather was not being friendly. In short it looked grim with an on-going poor prediction.

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Participants gather for Veterans’ Support Walk

Thanks to AEP the day was organised down to the last tee. Many thanks go to AEP staff and Reuben for his work again this year.

The start time this year was later than in previous years, managing to catch out a few regulars who arrived very early. By the time Peter Goers had completed his humorous off- beat comments about life in general the black clouds had gathered menacingly. Not to be deterred off they went at 1030 on a slightly amended route which resulted from part of the Torrens Lake track being affected by the recent rains.

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The excellent relationship between the Foundation and RSL care was further enhanced recently with a very generous donation to the cause.  This is not the first time RSL Care SA has assisted Trojan’s Trek and confirms the intent of the RSL Care Board to embrace their philosophy which is to provide “care and support for the benefit of the ex-service and wider community”. The funds will be used on the upcoming SA treks for men and women.

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Original Tiger Chips In

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.53.59 pmBrian Budden ex 9 Section, 9 Platoon, C Coy, 5 RAR SVN 1966 — 67 attended a 50th reunion with his mates in Perth in July 2016, a watershed moment for Trojan’s Trek. Little did I know but Brian had been “following the work of the Trojan’s Trek Foundation for some considerable time” and was impressed with what was being achieved. As a gesture of his support Brian donated a large amount of money to assist “the future success of the Foundation”.

I therefore publicly extend the thanks of the Foundation to Brian and wish him well with his commercial endeavours with Rebel Graphics.

Moose Dunlop OAM, Project Director, Trojan’s Trek.


Join us for Trojan’s Trek Veterans’ Support Walk.

On Sunday October 30th, join us for the Trojan’s Trek Veterans’ Support Walk.

Walk, run or roll around the River Torrens, raise money for veterans and be in the running to win some great prizes!

Free parking, partners and pets welcome, coffee, sausage sizzle & BIG Raffle draw

– $100 Cash prize for first male and first female across the line
– $200 Cash prize for first team of 3 across the line, and
– $50 Cash x 2 spot prizes

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A beautiful day greeted the 200 plus dogs crowd which gathered on the banks of the Torrens Lake on 25 Oct to take part in the Veterans’ Support Walk.

 This year the day was organised by Reuben Vanderzalm from Adelaide Exercise Physiology assisted by some of his staff and a few other volunteers. Thanks Reuben and company.  

After parking of the parade ground the crowd waited patiently for the start while listening to some interesting and funny commentary from Peter Goers.  A number of serious runners were among those gathered, looking for a share of  the cash prizes on offer.  

The Veterans Rowing Club catered for those with a need for a morning coffee while the MFS through David Gorham worked frantically to set up the BBQ which happened to coincide with an emergency response in the city. And a close thing it was too with the first batch of snags rolling off the barby as the quickest groups completed the 5km course.  

Winners for the day were:
1st male Lauchie Hennig,
1st female Zhali Clarke,
1st Team 
Steve, Lindi and Mike and the random $50 winners were Jeanette Mossop (who handed her winning back), and Wendy Turner.

A number of raffle winners also departed smiling.  The day will clear in excess of $14.5K which is a great effort.  

Thanks to all those who gave support to the day.


RSL Care sponsorship respecting their legacy

RSL Logo_[P]In the spirit of their legacy, RSL Care both in QLD and SA continue to promote wellbeing for our fellow Australians and veterans.

In August 2015, RSL Care will proudly sponsor Trojan’s Trek in its premier Queensland event.

RSL Care’s legacy with the veteran community is long and rich. They have provided services to veterans for over 75 years, opening their first veterans’ hostel in 1938. As they have grown and developed over the years to welcome all Australians who need their services, RSL Care have maintained their commitment to working with the ex-Service community.

For more information about RSL Care, visit www.rslcare.com.au

Join us for Veterans’ Support Walk! October 25th 2015

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INVITATION. Veterans and friends, here is an opportunity to directly support an initiative which assists younger veterans while enjoying a stroll around the beautiful River Torrens.

WHY? Funds are needed to continue Trojan’s Trek a program to help with the rehabilitation of young veterans returning from combat duties.

WHAT? Four different event options with prize money on offer:
1. 5km walk (families, prams, and pets on leash are welcome). Two $50 random spot prizes.
2. 5km FEMALE run. Prize of $100 for first place.
3. 5km MALE run. Prize of $100 for first place.
4. 5km TEAM OF 3 EVENT. Prize of $200 for first complete finishing team.

WHERE? River Torrens, directly north of the Torrens Parade Ground. NOTE : Parking WILL be available on the Torrens Parade Ground.

WHEN? Sunday 25 October, 2015, starting at 0930

AFTER? BBQ, coffee and big raffle prize draws.

Registration: there are TWO ways to register:

1) Snail mail. Download this PDF form, print it and fill it out then mail it.

2) Register online. Use our online form to register and pay online using either credit card or PayPal.

Royalties of John Schumann’s great new song, On Every Anzac Day, go to helping troubled veterans.

John Schumann donated the artists’ royalties of I Was Only 19 to the VVAA’s Agent Orange Royal Commission fund. It was a most generous act. Now he’s doing it again for the younger diggers.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.32.10 pm

This time he’s donating the royalties from On Every Anzac Day to Trojan’s Trek, a wilderness-based program for veterans suffering from PTSD. (John Schumann is a member of the Board). The song is featured on the CD album, Behind the Lines, John Schumann and the Vagabond Crew (expanded edition).

You can buy the CD at a music store, or you can download the full CD or just the song from iTunes.

On Every Anzac Day
On Every Anzac Day (Radio Edit)
Behind the Lines – Album

Snail mail: you can buy the single of the song (CDEP) for round $8 plus postage from the music store, Songland Records in Canberra: songlandrecords@gmail.com Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.45.57 pm

Trojan’s Trek is a program which was first run in the North Flinders Ranges of SA in the late 1990s to assist troubled Vietnam veterans return to a normal life. Participants figuratively undertake a journey, which facilitates new ways of viewing themselves, their colleagues and partners in a remote location while investigating ways to facilitate change. Some of the past trekkers have denoted this as a stocktake of life, feelings and behaviour.’ The program is live-in, is highly individually focused and delivered by staff that have the necessary accreditation. More importantly they are also warriors’ who have experienced and overcome the same frustrations as those attending. Trojan’s Trek provides the setting and conditions under which participants will experience a lasting positive shift in values and interpersonal relationships. â–„


VETERANS’ SUPPORT WALK thanks for your support!

The day dawned with lots of black clouds and the threat of rain imminent. But our concerns were unfounded. Overcast, 24 degrees, an ideal day for a stroll or run round the 5 km track Trevor Atkins had marked out round the Torrens Lake. The sponsors were committed, the coffee was brewing, and the barbeque was warming as they set off.

The serious runners blasted out of the blocks keen to compete for the $100 male and female prizes. The rest, all 120, with dogs and children at foot moved off as a wave of support for the concept of veterans helping veterans. It was not long before the first male and female runners completed the course to the accolades of the injured, the workers and the lazy. Well done to the winners, a special thanks to the first lady home, Catherine May who donated her prize money back to the cause.
Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.46.32 pm

After a period of indulgence at the Metro Fire Service & 9 RAR sausage sizzle, Kevin Scarce ex SA Governor, drew the big raffle.

The prize winners were:
FIRST PRIZE: Rod Graham, a Battle Field Tour to Vietnam for two to mark the 50th anniversary of Australia’s involvement in that war;
SECOND PRIZE: Robert Day OAM, a Big TV,
THIRD PRIZE: $250 Mr Stait from Wagga Wagga and
FOURTH PRIZE: Greg Hallam, a selection of fine SA parliamentary wine.

All in all a successful day which will underpin future operations. Moose and the board extend their sincere thanks for your involvement on the day with a special mention extended to the great sponsors of the event.