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Operations Director

Why do I support Trojans Trek?
I was aware of the benefits of condition self-management through observation of many of my veteran mates who, alone, managed to turn their lives around. I believed if the experience could be value added by credible advice from others who had walked the walk, we were on the money. Add to that, support from mates (male and female) and we have a product. Simple philosophy, complex delivery but very worthwhile work.

Moose served as an officer in the Australian Army for 25 years, including a 13 month tour of duty in Vietnam, resigned as a Lt Colonel in 1988. He also served in New Guinea, Sydney, South Vietnam, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Current Chairman of Trojan’s Trek
Served 9 years with 3RAR and 5RAR
Command posting — 2 years
Staff postings — 7 years
Instructional posting — 6 years
Australian Staff College – 1 year
Helped launch and run Operation Flinders — 10 years
Resurrected Trojans Trek in 2009 to satisfy younger veterans
Organise and run treks each year
Captain of Upper Sturt CFS Brigade
Past member of Veterans’ Advisory Council
• Immediate Past President of the RAR Association

Awarded an OAM in 2009 for services to veterans, the community, and youth at risk.

Board Chair

Why do I support Trojans Trek?
Trojans Trek changes people’s lives for the better. It is worthwhile, and from Peter’s perspective, being involved with Trojan’s Trek is his way of saying thank you to those that have served.

Peter is focused on working with individuals to effect change and has direct and specific experience in change management. He is also involved in culture development, leadership, strategy definition, sales, marketing and organisational development. Peter has specific expertise in sales development and coaching, customer experience, learning and development and the healthcare sector.

• BSc. (Hons)
• IBM Australia
• Citibank Limited and Challenge Bank Limited
• Johnson & Johnson Medical and Olympus Medical
• Ego Pharmaceuticals
• Mercuri International, TLI
• General Manager Origin Healthcare
• General Manager Edge Personnel
• General Manager Maura Fay Workshops
• CEO WorkPac Healthcare
• Organisational Training & Development Professional, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker

Board Member since 2021

Why do I support Trojans Trek?
As a wife of a Veteran Soldier of 20 years of service, I see the effects of the complete selflessness, devotion, and sacrifice that was committed by him when he enlisted in 1978. Even though he did not serve overseas or deploy to a live combat area, he, we, live with what he was trained to do and be prepared to sacrifice his life for; His Country, His Fellow-Soldiers, and his family. His memories of this time and the transition to becoming a “Civi” hasn’t been easy. With Trojan Treks help, many men & women have found Civi life to become more of the norm.

They come away from the Treks with the tools to meet and face the challenges of everyday life with the scars of Regimentality being not so raw. I have seen firsthand, the difference that Trojans Trek makes to a person’s life and believe that without this wonderful group, our ex-service, current serving, and first responders would become a statistic rather than a valued member of community and society.


  • Customer Service & support
  • Develop, implement & facilitate events & activities
  • Liaise with departmental Team Leaders, Management & Community Groups
  • Support, supervise, coordinate & orientation of Team Members & Volunteers
  • Develop, implement & follow Standard Operation Procedures.
  • Deliver Quality Consumer Care
  • Reporting, assessing, auditing & development of documents in preparation for auditing and Government accreditation
Rob Manton

Board Member since 2021

Why do I support Trojans Trek?
I have seen the effects military service can have on the health and wellbeing of those who choose to serve. I have also seen the character and resilience of those who choose the profession of arms as their career.

Trojans Trek offers participants the opportunity to address their challenges with others who have similar life experiences.

If service in the military, or to the community through involvement in emergency services, teaches us anything it is that we serve as part of a team and that team is our greatest ally in tough times. We bear a responsibility to and for each other.

Rob served more than 30 years in the Australian Army. His military service was primarily in command appointments culminating in his appointment as Commandant, Combat Arms Training Centre. Rob also held exchange appointments with the United States and United Kingdom militaries. He was deployed to Iraq in 2006 as the Deputy Chief of Staff, Multi-National Forces Iraq and was also deployed on United Nations Peacekeeping Missions.


  • Current Bushfire Local Recovery Coordinator on Kangaroo Island
  • Director, Veterans SA, Government of South Australia — 5 years
  • Assistant Director, Department of Veterans’ Affairs — 2 years
  • Australian Army — 1981 — 2011
    • Served 10 years with 4 Regiment, 8/12 Regiment, 48 Light Battery
    • Command postings — 6 years
    • Staff postings – 4 years
    • Military Adviser to Australian Ambassador to the UN — 3 years
    • Deployments to Middle East and Iraq — 18 months
    • Instructional postings — 2 years
    • Exchange appointments US/UK — 4 years
  • Graduate, Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies — 1 year
  • Graduate, Australian Command and Staff College — 1 Year
  • Graduate, Officer Cadet School, Portsea — 1 year
  • Master of Arts (Strategic Studies) — Deakin University
  • Graduate Diploma Management Studies
  • Chief of Army Commendation as CO 8/12 Regiment
  • US Bronze Star for leadership in Iraq
  • US Meritorious Service Medal for service as Instructor US Army Command and Staff College

Board Member since 2022

Why do I support Trojans Trek?
As a participant on Trojans Trek, it had a profound effect on me.

Sitting around a fire in the Flinders
Ranges sharing experiences and listening to those who had walked a similar path to me. I for the first
time in a while, realised that blame, sorrow, and anger and the coping mechanisms that I had employed
to combat them had become a poison.

As I listened to Moose Dunlop, Dogs Kearney, and others who spoke in a ‘matter of fact’ but kind and
empathetic way, I realised that I had the choice, continue on the path I was walking or STOP, pause,
think, then act.

My life’s narrative was up to me, blame, shame, and anger belonged in the past, and where I was (and
am) five minutes from now is up to me.

I now facilitate discussions on Trojans Trek with a passion to pass on Moose’s, Dogs’ and all the
facilitators’ past, as well as my own experiences, tips, and lessons to others.

We have lost enough Defence, Police, Fire and Ambulance Veterans to suicide – Trojans Trek is unique
and a proven program that improves the lives of participants.


  • Current – Program Development Coordinator with Department of Police, Fire, and Emergency
    Management in Tasmania
  • Current – Tasmanian Fire Fighter – Volunteer
  • Current – Mental Health First Aid Instructor
  • Former Soldier; Tank Crewman and Medic

Board Member since 2023

Why do I support Trojans Trek?

Trojans Trek changed my life.

From my younger days as a Police Officer, I saw many of my colleagues struggling with what they had experienced in their Policing careers and the manner in which they were dealing with it.  I changed my career path and became a Paramedic and I noticed that some things remained the same.  I attended my first Trek in 2019 after having a phone chat with Moose where I remember vividly him saying “Why don’t you come along and have a look”.  I have been on every S.A. Trek since then.

I was able to learn how to identify my own behaviours and the choices I was taking, and I was given tools and techniques to break out of destructive patterns.  Most importantly, after completing my first Trek, I wanted to tell all of my colleagues past and present about what I had “found” and why they should also “…come along and have a look.”

And now I am a facilitator of those discussions.

If by sharing my experiences and my TT journey, I can change the direction of a struggling Service person or First Responder, then I have work to do.

I know that Trojans Trek works.


  • 18 years SA Police-Patrols, Training
  • 26 years SA Ambulance: Paramedic, Management, Training
  • Co-founder of Walk Talk Share Inspire (Award winning staff welfare initiative) SA Ambulance.
  • Active Motorsport Volunteer, Tour Down Under Volunteer, and model wooden shipbuilder.


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