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Moose on Conversations with Richard Fidler

“Moose Dunlop joined the army as a teenager in the early sixties, and after his officer training was eventually sent to Vietnam. He returned a very different man. Moose became impossibly demanding of his family, and turned the company of the men he served with – and to alcohol. His family was finding it hard […]

How is Trojan’s Trek different to conventional counselling or therapy?

Whilst there are a number of current programs available for veterans and families through Veteran and Veterans’ Families Counselling Service, none of them focus on or recognize the advantage of the involvement of “warriors” in delivery or veterans helping veterans. This simple concept has been employed successfully for many years with gamblers and alcoholics. The […]

Report for RAR National Conference Randwick NSW, 2010.

After two treks and having processed the information, seen the outcomes and spoken with the younger veterans, our belief in the value of this approach to military induced stress illness has been reinforced.  The value of veterans helping veterans from a different generation works extremely well.  As mentioned in the reports and in many societies […]