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The Foundation agreed to a request from RCS to speak to their Executive about Trojan’s Trek, our history, philosophy, and raison d’etre.

The aim of RCS is to further the efficiency of Australian agriculture and farming.

RCS partners with passionate Australian producers to transform their farm management practices to be more sustainable, profitable and achieve a better quality of life. In some ways, a similar aim to the Foundation.

I enlisted Geoff Kay, a Lieutenant in the Upper Sturt CFS Brigade and a past trekker, to assist. The group of 17 to whom we presented, were all closely involved in farming of some kind.

It was also good to discover that a couple of those present had been involved in the 2020 fires on KI, so understood Geoff’s trauma.

To our surprise, among the group were 5 women farmers who were very interested in what, and how Trojan’s Trek achieved the great outcomes for those suffering stress illness.

A very involved 90 minutes were spent exchanging information and approaches to the issue.

The icing on the cake was a thank-you payment of $1,200.00.

To RCS and Nic in particular, a sincere thank you for the opportunity and generous donation.

Moose Dunlop OAM, AIMM

Operations Director




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