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As an adjunct to the visit to speak to the staff of Johnston Grocke in Adelaide on 17 May 23, the Board Chairman Pete with Moose attended Lexus Adelaide to speak with the General Manager Wade Sander with a view to gaining the support of the CMV Foundation.

The Foundation, which has operated since 1953, receive its funds from the Lexus staff, who have the opportunity to donate a portion of their salary towards the CMV Foundation.

These donations are matched dollar-for-dollar by the CMV Group. Wade was extremely interested in what Trojan’s Trek has achieved over the past 14 years and supported our request to the Chair of the Board.

The photo shows Moose, Pete, and Wade having completed a very educational tour of the company headquarters on West Terrace.  Here seen standing in front of a limited production 12-cylinder Lexus valued at $1.75 million.

The CMV Board will consider the application at their next meeting.

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