2021 Trojan’s Trek insight,

Arrived for the flight as said,

Stomach twisted and confused,

Battling the thoughts in my head.

Don’t want to have the thoughts,

Don’t want the nightmares I see,

Looking to find some peace,

I’m just trying to be free!

Moolooloo’s rolling hills that surround,

Evening sunlight beautiful and real,

Supporting the load we share,

Positive honesty is the deal

The loss, despair, self-hate,

Sleeping in the swag at night,

Isolation and wide awake,

The black dog takes another bite!

Triggered by a word, sound or smell,

It’s my choice for what to be,

“If you say so,”

Changing my words to positivity!

We climbed mountains

Positivity in temperament,

I know in seeing the chance

Amazing to do in complement.

It’s now worth admitting

While scratching gently on my brain

That my wife was right in asking

Go and ease the pain…….

What it comes down to,

Understanding the journey in the head,

Visiting The Flinders Rangers

It’s not as easy done, as said.

Choco 21

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