When I sit back and think poor me, I know now to stop and engage some common sense, I am not alone! Being in this environment has taught me humility and respect.

Wow! Where to start? I suppose the beginning but in the journey, where is the beginning? I am surprised just how quickly and unplanned the panic sets in. I was apprehensive about doing a journal but I think, albeit slowly I am finding the process helpful.

I would seriously consider coming back as a mentor as well as trying to influence some digger mates to consider coming on 2014. I find just being in the middle of the wilderness with like-minded blokes to be very grounding, peaceful relaxing. Yesterday here was only the first day and already I feel like I have known some of the blokes here for a while

Being here is really reinforcing where I am at, where I want to be and who I want to be. I sincerely hope to one day spend my time being a part of this and sharing my knowledge It makes me fell alive again

I have gotten a lot out of this journey, met some amazing blokes who I will be mates with for life.
Before the trek I could not even sleep, just toss and turn with thoughts what have I gotten into, how did my life get so fd up. Should I just bail and go the lone wolf and stop inflicting my family with this CURSE.I was told the drive was 3 hours by Dave which probably helped me get there. So it was six but what the f..k youre here anyway go for the ride, thats three hours less counselling.

I was made feel at home, I was not judged(?).The first days talks were inspirational. Poxey got my head going, poke here poke there, amazing shit activated previous knowledge, synapses are firing

I can help others by my example just by turning up, that is the start of a new improved life. I will now be more interested in my family instead of interesting. Got to open upto Dogs a little more about relationships with family and girlfriend

It was really good having Craig and Mick on the trek because they really understand as they have been there as well. A penny for our thoughts and I got quite choked up because I was upset that the time was coming when I was going to have to say goodbye to these amazing blokes. They have been so supportive and actually understand what I am going through. I can actually talk to blokes who I can open up to and trust, this stuff is just priceless.

I think it has already made such a big impact on my life and Im so grateful to be able to call every one of these blokes my mate, both trekkers and staff. I feel like I belong, like somehow I am meant to be here, this is my moment, my time. My choice to fix me. Being on this program and surrounded by others who are in similar boot, I hope to gain the tools or at least begin to.

If I wasnt here, I know I would not live to see Xmas. These blokes call themselves farmers, over the past 3 days they have only planted the seeds but the furs have started to germinate.

..its all those jars filled with pent-up emotions/feelings/experiences have all been smashed it is a relief. I told the boys my story. The support feedback Ive received has been incredible. I was finally free of my demons?

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