Two of the important milestones in running a not for profit organisation are incorporation and the gaining of deductible gift status (DGR). Of these DGR is a most sought after category.

It is awarded by the Australian Taxation Office after investigation of the body seeking recognition. It permits gifts which are above a specified amount to be to be tax deductible. Not only does that make gifting to Trojan’s Trek more appealing, the recognition of the organisation by the ATO is another recognised form of accreditation.

The board of TT wishes to publicly acknowledge the support of a Brisbane based company named Praeger Solicitors who steered the application through the maze of regulations at no cost. Indeed, the $2,000.00 estimate of the anticipated fee was returned on recognition as a goodwill gesture. Our sincere thanks are extended to Ralph, the senior partner.

You can donate to Trojan’s Trek here

Moose Dunlop

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