The story of the logo

The logo which we have adopted at Trojan’s Trek depicts the Flinders Ranges. The Flinders is where the program is conducted. It is the place of choice to which we withdraw to gain the tranquillity so necessary for our program. The sharp brown lines are a reminder of the many billions of years of ageing which have resulted in the ancient forms peculiar to that part of the world. The background to its design is worthy of note.

When Operation Flinders, a youth at risk program, was started in 1992, the partner of one of the wonderfully dedicated supporters, offered to come up a design for a logo. John, a very talented and artistic fellow produced the logo above. The staff all agreed that it was beautifully appropriate. We appreciated its horizontal perspective which conveyed distance, the big red gums, the creek lines and the sharp brown edges, the old hills. For many years it featured on the T shirts we presented to the participants and was also used as a masthead and as a letterhead.

In about 1996, the program was recognised for the great work it was achieving with youth and it was decided to incorporate. A board was elected and a CEO appointed. However, with the introduction of new management and different ideas there were moves to change some aspects of the project. The logo was one of the first to be changed. The field staff were not consulted nor impressed, but like many decisions made in these circumstances, it was a done deal. The new logo is fine and comparisons are pointless. However, John’s original logo was benched.

In 2009, when Trojans Trek was resurrected to cater for our contemporary veterans, that is those who served in combat roles post Vietnam; it seemed totally appropriate that the Operation Flinders old logo was given a new life. John was consulted and willingly agreed to our adoption of it. So the logo has been given new life and role. The logo has returned to the Flinders and is now part of a new venture which is managed by many of the individuals who commenced Operation Flinders so many years ago.

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