Feed Back Trojan’s Trek 2011

Day 1. I have discovered that there is more to my therapy than clinical avenues.  I need to grab my life and steer it myself and get rid of the poison in my life.  C

Day 1.  After talking to Dogs in the car I realise that I have to work out the triggers in my life and start changing the thought process, asking myself, “does this really matter?” H

Day 2.  Then longer the week goes the more I can see that there is a light at the end of what I thought was a dark tunnel. G

Day 3.  “Coasting, the information I have gained is irreplaceable.”  D

Day 3.  “..I am now thinking f… I don’t want this to end.  I have to love and leave these blokes in three days.  My feelings I can’t explain but it’s for the better not the end.’  S

Day 3. ” I found myself in my swag unable to sleep,…..I suddenly realised the full effect of my anger and how it has been directed at them in the past.   Mentally very exhausted today but I feel good.  Decided to describe last night as a productive night of thinking rather than a  …. of a night” .  A

Day 4.  This Trojans Trek is a must do for veterans past and present. S

Day 4.  Over the course of the week I have had a huge amount of ideas of how in the future I can communicate effectively with others.  D

Day 4.  I have got to stop drinking for no reason and going to dark places.  I’m almost there but with more work and commitment I can stay in this good place.  D

Day 5.  Realising it is just now a never ending journey of self prompts and putting my hand up for help … S

Day 5.  Great kinetic energy in the group, I feel myself to be coming out of my shell more and more every day.  L

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