A letter from a listener

Recently I received this feedback from a listener who heard a replay of my interview on ABCs Conversations with Richard Fidler. I’ve decided to publish it here (with permission) because I was humbled by it and also because I have received several messages like this which I want to share with other service personnel. Thank you to Maryann for taking the time to write. Moose.

Hi Moose,
My husband and I listened to your conversation with Richard Fidler the other day. Can’t tell you how much we were impressed by you and your story and how simply you told it.
Couldn’t believe the details in the jungle. Hair raising stuff.  
We were in the car listening to you. I tell you we were so riveted with what you were saying that we don’t remember much of the drive other than your conversation.
Congratulations to you and your battalion on making it through the 12 months in Vietnam. Our sincere thanks.
Congratulations also to your wife and family for sticking by you through thick and thin.
Keep doing what you are doing, because it is very special – a calling if you like.
Our gratitude and kind regards,

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