Walking the Kokoda Track for Trojan’s Trek

Hi, from both Gail and Aaron. We want to use our trek along the Kokoda Track in April to raise much needed funds for this worthwhile and very relevant cause, and we need your help!
The Challenge
The Kokoda track itself is 96km long, has many river crossings, and peaks at 2250 metres. We will complete the trail over a period of 8 short days, beginning on the 16th of April when we set out from Owers’ Corner. We reach the end of the trail, at Kokoda, on the 24th of April for a comfortable nights rest before attending an Anzac Day Dawn Service at the Bomana War Cemetery on the 25th. We are sure this will be a humbling experience.

The Significance of the Kokoda Track
For those who don’t know here’s a little background on the significance of the track:
– Until 1975 Papua New Guinea (PNG) was in fact an Australian territory, making it Australian soil during WWII.
– During WWII the Japanese wanted to invade Australia and to do so they first needed to get their troops, weapons and supplies to location much closer to Australia.
– Port Moresby (the capital of PNG) was the ideal location from which the Japanese could have successfully launched an invasion of Australia.
– In 1942 the Japanese invaded PNG in an attempt to reach Port Moresby.
– The Kokoda track is the 96 Km trail along which the Allied Troops successfully held off the Japanese from reaching their intended target of Port Moresby.
– Over the course of the battles it is estimated that over 3,600 Allied Soldiers and 13,600 Japanese Soldiers lost their lives and over 30,000 Allied Soldiers and 5,600 Japanese Soldiers were injured.
– For more detailed information on the trail and the numerous battles visit the Kokoda Commemoration.

The Cause
Since WWII, Australian Soldiers have been involved in many conflicts, including Vietnam and more recently those in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. Given the intense situations faced by those who enter active service it is not hard to imagine how difficult it could be to return home and be expected to just “switch off” and settle down into “everyday life”. The “Trojan’s Trek” is a program aimed at enabling returned servicemen who are struggling to settle down. It is a program designed and run by ex-servicemen who have personally experienced the same issues as those the program is designed for. This is a very worthwhile cause and we are taking this opportunity to raise money for the “Trojan’s Trek” as a means of giving back something to those who have given so much for us all. Help us to help these often unsung heroes by donating today.

How do I donate?
Simply click on the golden “Donate” button located on the top right of this page (and every page) or simply click here. This will enable you to donate via credit card or PayPal – a completely secure way to transfer funds over the internet. Thanks you very much for your generosity!

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